Ease Remedy - Reusable Organic Corton pads 10 pcs

Ease Remedy - Reusable Organic Corton pads 10 pcs

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Our set of 10 Organic Bamboo cotton pads are packaged in a laundry mesh bag with our logo tag. These reusable facial cotton pads provide zero waste and are made from super soft 70% organic viscose bamboo and 30% organic cotton fibers. The fabric is naturally antimicrobial, hypo-allergenic and gentle. Perfect for sensitive skin. Reusable and machine washable. 

Massage your face with our PURIFY Makeup remover cleansing oil first. Wet the cotton pad and squeeze the water out of the pad. Gently wipe off your face with the cotton pad. 

Use in place of disposable cotton pads. 

Handwash or machine wash with warm water and a mild detergent. Avoid using fabric softeners to prevent waxy build-up and ensure maximum absorbency. Hang or dry on low heat. Wash before first use.

Measures approximately 3 inches in diameter
Double sided (2 ply) — two layers sewn together makes for easy removal of makeup or multiple way of use.

100% Organic Bamboo Cotton — gentle on skin