Catalyst & Co - Tofino Bracelet

Catalyst & Co - Tofino Bracelet

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Tofino, British Columbia, brings us close to nature; being seen by many as mainly a seaside destination. The tide of the Pacific Ocean can be symbolic to the welcoming of change. Just as the tide washes away the day's struggles, Labradorite helps to guide us in letting go of our troubles.

Bracelets fit comfortably snug on a 7.25 wrist.

  • Labradorite
  • Bead size: 4mm
  • Gold-filled accents
  • Option for with or without cubic zirconia charm
  • Price is for one bracelet


    L A B R A D O R I T E //Grow through what you go through. Helps you to welcome change, and thrive through it. Helps you to see the truth in situations and make decisions accordingly. Helps you move on from toxic relationships and bad habits.