Matka Botanicals - Monday Mood Bodyscrub

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Toned, smooth, clear, dewy skin and a tropical mood-boosting pick me up scent blend of tangerine, vetiver, and frankincense mixed with fine organic cane sugar, ultra moisturizing macadamia nut butter and sunflower seed oil, and infused with nature's very own mood enhancer, St. Johns Wort flower, wild harvested on Vancouver Island.⁠ A quick little scrub from head to toe before your morning shower will leave you feeling energized, alert, and grounded for the rest of the day. Especially those slower, dreaded Monday mornings!⁠

ST. JOHNS WORT - anti-fungal, wound healing, effectively soothes skin conditions like psoriasis and shingles, and relieves pain associated with sore muscles and arthritis

TANGERINE - tones & fortifies bodily functions, strengthens the organs & nervous system, purifies the blood by increasing the blood's oxygen retaining capacity

SHEA BUTTER - Rich in antioxidants and emollients as well as Vitamins A and E, and is great to soften and moisturize rough and dry skin.


100% plant-based ingredients.

100% free of synthetics, parabens, SLS’s, fragrances, petroleum-based ingredients.