Ease Natural Remedy Organic Makeup Remover + Cleansing Oil

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PURIFY - 100% Organic Makeup Remover + Deep Pore Cleansing Oil (Normal Skin)

Dissolve makeup and gently wash away dirt and impurities with this nourishing cleansing oil that leaves skin clean and soft without greasy feeling. Super hydrating, antioxidant pure unrefined botanical oils to calm and detoxify skin. 

Our Cleansing Oil is made with hydrating and nourishing botanical oils without clogging pores. Great for all skin types, but if you have Dry skin type, please try our other Cleansing Oil specially formulated for Dry skin type. 

This cleansing oil can also be used as a scalp cleansing oil. 


INGREDIENTS : 100% Certified Organic Unrefined Pure Botanical Oils 

*Sunflower Oil, *Castor Oil, *Golden Jojoba Oil, *Virgin Argan Oil, *Pumpkin Seed Oil, *Pomegranate Seed Oil, Essential Oils (*Sweet Orange, *Lavender, *Geranium)

* Certified Organic 

Ease Natural Remedy - PURIFY - 100% Organic Makeup Remover + Deep Pore Cleansing Oil (Normal Skin)


1. Remove Makeup - Apply a quarter-sized dollop of our Cleansing Oil to your hands, massage into DRY facial skin until makeup has dissolved. Wet a clean and soft washcloth with warm water (Not too hot) and place it onto face until washcloth cools. Gently wipe away impurities + excess oil with washcloth or wet and warm soft cotton pads.

Make sure that your skin is dried completely if you go to Step 2. 

2. Deep Pore Cleansing/Nourish the skin  (extra treatment) - Massage our Cleansing Oil into DRY facial skin using your fingertips for about 1 minute. Process is the same as Step 1. Oil Cleansing Method works better when it is applied to the skin after removing makeup (Step 1). It dissolves build-up and nourishes the skin with powerful plant nutrients. Try to also think of this as a time to relax and massage away the stresses of the day.


**Please keep in mind that it may take 2-3 weeks for your skin to adjust the new oil cleansing method, as your pores may need some time to fully detoxify from the build-up. If you keep following to this method, you will see your skin becoming more smooth and soften with perfect moisture balance.